• "Alan was great. Completely transparent, diligent, and honest. He seemed to have our best interests in mind as a priority and we would love to work with him again in the future. "

    Testimonial by William on 02/11/2018 Contact Agent Alan Haddad
  • "We couldn''t have wished for a better realtor. Alan made our international move so much easier. Again, we will highly recommend him!"

    Testimonial by Kajal & Jasper on 02/23/2017 Contact Agent Alan Haddad
  • "Alan is highly responsive, a great listener, and really applies his understanding of the city to help you find exactly what you need. My boyfriend and I both had out of state job transfers to the city, with quiet a list of everything we were looking for within a serious time limit. We had 3 days budgeted to look, and Alan came fully prepared to show us all the city had to offer. He actually found us our perfect apartment the FIRST day, all because of his thorough scheduling where we saw 9 different apartment buildings in less than one day. He didn''t waste anytime showing us apartments out of our budget, or that required major sacrifices, and was truly motivated by finding us exactly what we needed. When it came to signing the leasing papers, etc., Alan was highly involved throughout each step of the process and helped answer any of our questions along the way (ex., which subway lines can I take to my office, where is the nearest grocery store, is this documentation sufficient for proof of income..). If you are looking for someone who is truly motivated by your needs and what you are looking for in your future new home, then we both highly recommend using Alan to make your next search stress free and even fun. "

    Testimonial by Stevie on 04/30/2014 Contact Agent Alan Haddad
  • "My wife and I arrived in the US just over a year ago and have already used Alan on two separate occasions to obtain rental accommodation. We find Alan to be honest, friendly and knowledgeable when he has dealt with us, his honesty being the main reason we made sure to return for his advice and assistance the second time. Given our inexperience in the NY real estate market, we believe it shows a high level of personal integrity that he did not seek to take advantage of us. Additionally, Alan is very well connected within the industry, something that he is not afraid to use to the benefit of his clients. His personal connections often allowed us to get to meet and get into discussion/negotiations with people on the leasing side who had the authority to make deals. Overall, we would highly recommend Alan to anyone looking to rent in New York City. "

    Testimonial by Brett & Nastassja on 03/10/2014 Contact Agent Alan Haddad
  • "We went to New York with a very short window of time to find the perfect home. In one day, Alan Haddad showed us not one, not two, but three apartments that would have worked very well. We ended up getting the best one for the best price. Alan was professional, energetic, and exceedingly efficient. Moving in such a short time frame is a high-stress endeavor, and Alan helped to mitigate some of that stress. Thank you. Amber. "

    Testimonial Client on 03/18/2013 Contact Agent Alan Haddad