• "When brokers told my fiancé and I that they "worked for us" we were cautious. Many of them would show us apartments in neighborhoods we asked not to be shown, toured us in dimensions that were smaller then we asked for, and all around didn''t seem like they were really "working for us." Nassima though was different. The first place we viewed with her we didn''t like, and after explaining why, she looked at what she had that fit our criteria and showed it to us. We fell in love immediately. Without getting into much details, it fell through. With haste Nassima found us more places, toured them, and started our next applications. When financial issues arose, she fought for us and helped us with every step. We look forward to working with her again and I highly recommend her as she truly does work for you. 10/10, amazing person to help you find the right place in New York. "

    Testimonial by Aleander on 07/29/2018 Contact Agent Nassima Toumi
  • "I’ve had the chance to have Nassima help me in finding an apartment to rent in NYC. She was really nice and helpful. She knows a lot about the market and what to look for when you are renting. She is definitely committed to go the extra mile for you to find the right place. I highly recommend her. Plus she speaks various languages. "

    Testimonial by Sam on 01/04/2018 Contact Agent Nassima Toumi
  • "Nassima was always extremely fast in responding and stayed on top of all of our communications. She listened and respected exactly what I was looking for in a place while helping me find an apartment in Manhattan. She was honest and knowledgeable with all the details regarding the apartment viewings. I really appreciated all that she did. As well as making the signing day easy/simple and she walked me through all of the paper work. I hope everyone is lucky enough to get to work with Nassima in finding their next home."

    Testimonial by Ava on 10/09/2017 Contact Agent Nassima Toumi
  • "Nassima really helped me out in finding an apartment in Manhattan in just a week''s time! She''s very honest and realistic with you in terms of all the details regarding apartment viewings and what is available. She will always try her best to free her schedule in order to fit yours, and I really appreciated all that she did to help me look for listings that weren''t available online."

    Testimonial by Jason on 08/15/2017 Contact Agent Nassima Toumi
  • "I had the absolute pleasure of working with Nassima on finding an apartment in Manhattan. She was very personable and transparent throughout the process. She has extensive experience in the rental market and will find exactly what you''re looking for in an efficient manner. I highly recommend working with Nassima, it was truly a great experience. And she speaks French, which is a plus!"

    Testimonial by Chloe on 07/12/2017 Contact Agent Nassima Toumi