• ""If you want to find your dream apartment in NYC while having a good time, call Walter Too! 3 hours after a quick phone call Walter had already set up multiple visits for us. 24h later we were applying to get the apartment we loved (and we got it). Walter knows the city in and out and will find you the place you want. The best thing about "working" with Walter is that you''ll have an amazing time. I did not think I could have fun apartment hunting in NYC (under the rain!). The level of service provided was incredible, he was answering all our questions within minutes no matter what we threw at him. Thank you so much for helping us!" "

    Testimonial by Julien on 09/20/2018 Contact Agent Walter Too
  • "I would like to comment on the quality of service I received - specifically from Walter Too. From the moment I talked with him on the phone, I felt like I could trust him to get things done for me, and my gut was correct, because he is always super responsive (like less than a minute). I am from CA and this is my first time moving out of state, so the process to get there can feel a bit daunting especially if the first thing I need to figure out is where I''ll be staying, and more importantly, if I''ll be able to find an agent who is reliable and hardworking to help me find what I''m looking for. I am in a situation that requires some workaround with the landlord requirements, and I really appreciate the fact that Walter took his time to hear my situation out and to answer any questions I had (very quickly btw). He was also upfront with me about what to expect, the amount of fees I might or might not have to pay, and what kind of solutions were available to me. To sum it up: If you''re looking for someone who you can rely on to get back with you, take their time with you, and works hard, then Walter is the guy."

    Testimonial by Christine on 06/25/2018 Contact Agent Walter Too
  • "Walter Too was a great help in our search! He helped us find a place within a few hours of my call that was perfect for our needs. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help. Overall we had a great experience and would highly recommend him."

    Testimonial by Alec on 06/19/2018 Contact Agent Walter Too
  • "Walter was very helpful and informative when looking for an apartment. We love the apartment he helped us find!"

    Testimonial by Casey on 11/17/2016 Contact Agent Walter Too
  • "Walter Too was the most efficient, effective and pleasant agent I have ever worked with. Within 24 hours he pulled together several apartment options that exactly met our needs. His communication with us was always courteous and never hurried. I have already recommended him to a friend of mine and I will continue to do so! Monica M."

    Testimonial by Monica on 11/16/2016 Contact Agent Walter Too