• "Afik was an absolute professional and did a great job finding the perfect place as we through him a plethora of curveballs "

    Testimonial by Richard on 07/29/2018 Contact Agent Afik Azulay
  • "In a day and age where it''s so difficult to find true value in a broker, Afik defies all odds! My fiancee and I met with Afik nearly THREE MONTHS ago and he immediately understood our desires. While we missed an opportunity on one unit (because my fiancee and I were too hesitant to pull the trigger), Afik immediately understood our needs and what we were looking for. He then stayed in contact over the months, showing us units throughout the neighborhood (even 9 AM on Sundays -- talk about hungry and accommodating) until finally the perfect unit became available. Afik was able to show us the unit and we immediately locked it up before it even hit market / StreetEasy. There are many brokers who are out there collecting unearned fees, Afik does more than earn his fee and brings amazing value to table. I plan on being in NYC area long-term and have made an amazing contact I will be using and referring friends to going forward. Thank you, Afik!"

    Testimonial Client on 06/12/2018 Contact Agent Afik Azulay
  • "Afik made the NYC renting process smooth, easy, and transparent. We can''t thank him enough for his protectiveness and open communication. We were able to find our dream apartment and we was with us through every step of the process. Can''t wait to recommend him to our friends. Thank you Afik!!!"

    Testimonial by Lauren on 05/21/2018 Contact Agent Afik Azulay
  • "Afik was fantastic. He was a huge help and always quick to respond to our questions. He found us a great apartment in our budget. I would definitely recommend him to a friend."

    Testimonial by Claire on 05/15/2018 Contact Agent Afik Azulay
  • "Afik was AMAZING! He went out of his way to make sure we got the best deal in an apartment that was what we were looking for. He was always available to meet with us and went out of his way to be available 24/7 whenever we had a question! His personality and attitude was amazing throughout our entire apartment search process. Thank you!! "

    Testimonial by Adrianna on 05/14/2018 Contact Agent Afik Azulay