• "I respectfully submit this letter expressing my highest personal recommendation for real estate broker, Suyeong Kim, and her top-tier New York City firm, Caliber Associates. Rarely does one enjoy the privilege of working with someone who exemplifies pure professional excellence. Ms. Kim both meets and exceeds that description. Throughout my search for a Manhattan apartment (performed under substantial time-pressure), what impressed me even more than Suyeong''s competence, were her empathy, patience and perceptive ability to figure out exactly what I was seeking. You''ve probably already discovered (or heard) that navigating the City''s real estate market can feel like walking a minefield -- unpredictable, unforgiving and sometimes exhaustingly stressful. Nevertheless, it''s also your essential path toward a great life in one of the most dynamic communities on Earth. That''s why Ms. Kim is precisely the guide you require: a well-connected insider; a gifted negotiator; a detail-oriented researcher; and a trusted confidante. She''ll relentlessly and effectively ensure your mission becomes her own. Suyeong does far more than "make deals." By genuinely caring about each client''s individual aspirations and personal situation, Ms. Kim sees and seizes opportunities that less-skilled brokers would miss or ignore. The apartment I recently acquired will be my fifth in NYC. I''m also confident it will be the best so far. For all of the above reasons, I urge you to avoid the biggest mistake I initially made during this process: reliance on random brokers and/or frequently misleading websites. Moving itself is hard enough. Surely, you deserve the many benefits of Ms. Kim''s integrity, knowledge and support."

    Testimonial by James on 02/22/2019 Contact Agent Suyeong Kim
  • "Suyeong was the first agent I worked with in Midtown New York, and has been the most helpful one too. She helped me find a room that perfectly suits me and my roommate''s criteria. I would love to work with her again in my next rent search and recommend her to anyone."

    Testimonial by Jinyeon on 01/13/2019 Contact Agent Suyeong Kim
  • "Sue helped us find our perfect apartment in a wonderful area. She was very responsive over txt and email and made the whole process much easier for us. We had a great experience and we will definitely use her services again in the future."

    Testimonial by Saad on 01/11/2019 Contact Agent Suyeong Kim
  • "We really enjoyed working with Suyeong - she was always kind, friendly, and honest, which made us feel very comfortable and at ease throughout our apartment hunt. She was never pushy or aggressive, and was always conscious of our budget restrictions and location/apartment requirements when recommending available units to us, never wasting our time on units that were outside of our desired specs. I would definitely recommend Suyeong to anyone who is searching for a new apartment - she''s a breath of fresh air when it comes to working with NYC real estate agents. "

    Testimonial by Danielle on 05/18/2018 Contact Agent Suyeong Kim
  • "Working with Suyeong made finding an apartment such a seamless experience, which is almost impossible in New York City. She truly cared about finding me a a place that I was happy with, and never pushed me to take something I didn''t love. It''s so hard to find an agent that genuinely cares about their clients and wants the best for them. She is someone that really has your best interest at heart, and I felt that I could completely trust her with my search. What was most impressive was how organized she was with handling all of my paperwork, and how quick she was to get everything submitted on my behalf. I would one hundred percent work with Suyeong again! "

    Testimonial by Alexa on 05/18/2018 Contact Agent Suyeong Kim