• "Gary was an excellent partner, lining up all the appointments and always being on time. He readily booked appointments at apartments offered by other realtors. As a newcomer to NYC, I was grateful for his willingness to point out the high points (and the low points) of the various listings we saw. "

    Testimonial by Margaret on 04/19/2018 Contact Agent Gary Saharov
  • "I had a great experience with Gary. He knew exactly what I was looking for and I love my new apartment. Thanks again"

    Testimonial by Andrew on 04/19/2018 Contact Agent Gary Saharov
  • "I was super unhappy in the building I was living in and wanted to move immediately. Gary mapped out areas and times for appointments to make it easier and within 3 days we found a great apartment in a great building. Gary was always on time and a pleasure to work with! I would definitely recommend him :)"

    Testimonial by Jessica on 04/09/2018 Contact Agent Gary Saharov
  • "Gary was extremely helpful throughout the entire apartment search and lease signing process. He was patient and reliable despite our very specific requirements and showed us a variety of quality apartments. I would highly recommend Gary for anyone looking to make a move in the city. "

    Testimonial by Andrew on 03/05/2018 Contact Agent Gary Saharov
  • "Gary was extremely helpful, even though my roommate and I did not know exactly where in the city we wanted to live. He helped us narrow down to a handle of spots that we loved, and was patient as we made our decision. Overall a great, painless experience, with both Gary, and Caliber in general."

    Testimonial by Davis on 03/02/2018 Contact Agent Gary Saharov