• "Working with Olga to find my rental was a pleasure. She was very attentive and listened to my wants/dislikes, as well as being very knowledgeable of the area I was interested in. Would definitely recommend Olga to my friends and colleagues!"

    Testimonial by M on 12/16/2018 Contact Agent Olga Kravets
  • "I found Olga’s information online while looking for a new apartment, and I couldn’t have found a better broker. I fell in love with the second apartment per her recommendation, and was able to sign my lease for my new dream apartment one day later. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a kind, non-pushy, and thorough broker. I can’t thank her enough. "

    Testimonial by Porsche on 03/29/2018 Contact Agent Olga Kravets
  • "Olga was a tremendous help during my apartment search! Not only did she seek out what I truly wanted in an apartment, she proactively kept me informed of other options that I’d be interested in. She was excellent to work with and very accommodating of my schedule. I would definitely recommend Olga to help with your apartment search."

    Testimonial by Thomas on 03/19/2018 Contact Agent Olga Kravets
  • "Olga is an absolutely treasure! She has made my boyfriend & I’s search for an apartment in the sea of manhattan so easy! We’ve never dealt with anyone as proficient and understanding as her. She is an agent whose passion for her clients shines through. Olga is always professional and gives quick responses to any inquires I had. She worked endlessly with me and had patience to help me find a place. If you are looking for an agent, look no further! Olga is the one"

    Testimonial by Yvonne on 03/19/2018 Contact Agent Olga Kravets
  • "My agent Olga was very professional and organized throughout the search process. My plan of 1-week to work with her to find an apartment turned out to only be a few hours! She listened to my comments as we toured the first property and judged my lack of interest. The next palace was on the upper end of my budget. But, it was EXACTLY what I was looking for in every way! Olga is Amazing!"

    Testimonial by Mark on 01/15/2018 Contact Agent Olga Kravets