• "Simon is an incredible agent and my roommates and I are so grateful for his help! It was our first time searching for an apartment in NYC and he was so patient and helpful. He replied quickly to our questions and concerns throughout the process and was extremely honest and knowledgeable. Most importantly he found us the perfect apartment! Thank you "

    Testimonial by Heather on 03/22/2018 Contact Agent Simon Mamane
  • "Impressive assistance to my requests. Simon was always answering my request in the next 10 minutes. He showed me exactly what I was looking for and I saw that my best interest was his priority. Thank you Simon for your help!! "

    Testimonial by Robert on 02/06/2018 Contact Agent Simon Mamane
  • "So grateful for you hard work!! Simon found me the apartment and I was able to sign the lease within 24HRS! He put so much effort into it and made it possible. his knowledge of the market is impeccable! Thanks SIMON!!! "

    Testimonial by Sabrina on 02/06/2018 Contact Agent Simon Mamane
  • "Simon is amazing. He responded to my first inquiry within five minutes and did not disappoint from there on out. He is kind, respectful, not pushy, and very attune to each detail my roommates and I were looking for in an apartment. I would recommend him to ANY renter. I cannot express my gratitude enough! "

    Testimonial by Sophia on 01/10/2017 Contact Agent Simon Mamane
  • "Really enjoyed working with Simon. He helped us find a new place and also assisted us with advertising our current apartment. He was very proactive at reaching out to people and finding the right place for us. Overall he made this whole process very easy! We would definitely work with him again. Thanks again Simon!"

    Testimonial by David on 01/25/2016 Contact Agent Simon Mamane