• "Cat is phenomenal - she has been constantly helpful, candid, and generous with her time. Her approach is "to be your best friend" during (and now, after) the entire rental process, and she helped my roommates and I (first-time renters in NYC) countless times with things that she had no obligation to do. Big thanks to her!"

    Testimonial by James on 08/05/2018 Contact Agent Catherine Culbertson
  • "I am a return customer for Cat. She made an impression when assisting me with my apartment hunt years ago. When I decided to move this year, I of course reached out to her. Cat was very communicative, listened to my needs, had advice tailored to address them, and took the time to answer my questions, even when it did not directly benefit her. "

    Testimonial by Blessing on 07/13/2018 Contact Agent Catherine Culbertson
  • "Catherine is a great agent! She is kind, smart, patient, and most importantly, very honest. Though I did not end up booking with her, I would feel very comfortable contacting her in the future should I ever need to find another apartment. Thank you Catherine"

    Testimonial by Mike on 10/23/2016 Contact Agent Catherine Culbertson
  • "Catherine has been essential in making our move a reality. Coming from Europe its always difficult to manage the credit score requirements and the skepticism of landlords and Catherine was very persistent and professional in leading the whole process. Catherine, thanks a lot. "

    Testimonial by Yiannis on 11/06/2013 Contact Agent Catherine Culbertson
  • "Catherine was awesome while my roommate and I were looking for an apartment. She never went above our budget, which was something we definitely appreciated. After losing 2 apartments for various reasons, we finally settled on one that we absolutely love. She made the process very easy and was so accommodating, which helped a ton since we were juggling a lot of things over the summer, preventing us from having a lot of free time to look for apartments. Thanks again, Catherine!! Marissa"

    Testimonial Client on 11/05/2013 Contact Agent Catherine Culbertson