• "We are very happy with the work that Rubens did for us. He found the perfect apartment for us, and in a very short period of time. We appreciate his tenacious, yet civilized, negotiating efforts on our behalf. And he is very good company to have with you while you are walking around town looking at apartments!"

    Testimonial by Grant Reed . on 08/16/2013 Contact Agent Rubens Jourdan
  • "Rubens is extremely practical, reasonable, efficient and to-the-point. He easily understands what you are looking for and does not believe in making you run around like chickens. I was in a rush and he made sure that all my timelines were met. For him, the clients interests are always on top! He found me a fantastic rent stabilized apartment which I am grateful for. Neha."

    Testimonial by . on 07/29/2013 Contact Agent Rubens Jourdan
  • "Rubens is wonderful, friendly, professional, patient, and straightforward. I didn''t have a good credit, no good background, no nothing due to some personal reasons, but he made it work! I think he and his team is an amazing negotiator between you and the landlord. Without his help, I wound''t be able to get any decent place in NYC. God bless you, Rubens! Danny"

    Testimonial by . on 06/18/2013 Contact Agent Rubens Jourdan
  • "Rubens is the best broker agent you can find in the city. He first sits with you and patiently understand your needs and budget, he then shows you what the market has to offer you within the typical always on-the-go NYC time frame. Plus, he have access to all the more updated listings available, city wide. What I liked about Rubens is that he was the only straight forward agent I could find, no hidden fees, no crapy apartments and definitely no loosing time. If you are looking for a place suiting your needs and have no time to waste, contact him, you won''t regret it. Trust is all you''re looking for when finding your next nest! Sebastain"

    Testimonial by . on 04/22/2013 Contact Agent Rubens Jourdan
  • "Rubens is a fantastic broker. He is very professional and really knows his facts. In about 2hrs, he managed to find me the perfect apartment! He is not pushy at all and really respects his client''s opinions. He managed to show me 3 apartments that were so much nicer than two previous brokers I worked with. Truly was a pleasure working with him and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment in NYC."

    Testimonial by Ariana. on 03/04/2013 Contact Agent Rubens Jourdan