Our simple yet agile approach to real estate market has made Caliber Associates, Inc. a leader in New York real estate in an extremely short amount of time. This is exactly why we can easily provide our clients a 100% commitment to make their NYC relocation as stress free as possible. We offer a several free of charge packages for clients to choose from based on their wants and needs.
SILVER: The silver package is for those with most basic needs. We will find you the most suitable New York City apartment and efficiently assist you with the approvel process for a reduced broker fee.
GOLD: The gold package consists of Sliver plus and aditional Utility package. Out staff will organize and take care of all of the essential preparations for 
a stress free NYC relocation.
PLATINUM: This is the all around optimal package! we will not only provide you with the Gold and Silver Package but also supply you with moving quotas. we will ensure you areconnected with the ideal relocation vendors for your specific wants and needs. If needed, this package also provide you with home furniture rental. We work with multiple furniture suppliers you can choose from to suit your needs for discounted rates.
All packages above are free of charge and incorporated with our NYC relocation services. Our priority is to make the relocation process as stress free and efficient for you or your relocating employess as possible. 
Caliber Associates has access to over  95% of the current Manhattan lisitngs and strong connections with all the Manahttan property owners. We have the resources to get you what you want and need at a great deal. all the essential resources to offer as month NYC relocation. We recognize the importance of relocation therefore Caliber's services do not end once your employees are relocated to New York City.

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Caliber Associates now has 3 offices in Manhattan. We are continuously growing and we have all the resources of any major real estate company. We have the ability to excel at every transaction and efficiently close every deal. Caliber Associates thirves on client satisfaction therefore we ensure every client gets a 150% commitment and dedication from us - never loosing anyone in the shuffle.