Pavlina Prokesova

Pavlina Prokesova has over 16 years of experience in Manhattan real estate. Prior to founding Caliber Associates, Inc Pavlina had managed salespeople and brokers at a leading Manhattan real estate office. Her quiet resolve and determination in solving complicated problems makes Caliber Associates a top notch real estate brokerage for sales and rentals in Manhattan. As an owner and manager, Pavlina understands how to simultaneously mentor Caliber’s agents while also elevating ... More...

T: (212) 400-9781
C: (917) 517-7937
Midtown East - Head Quarters

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Shai Gruber

Principal Broker
For over 16 years, Shai Gruber has immersed himself in the New York residential and commercial real estate industry. Shai’s network of clients is based mostly on referrals, which reflects his outgoing personality and reputation. Shai is known by his peers as energetic, down to earth and straight to the point. He is regarded as a first rate real estate broker. Shai’s professional background and expertise also includes commercial real estate, where he flourished for about two... More...

T: (212) 400-9788
C: (917) 604-5444
Midtown East - Head Quarters

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Adir Levi

Director of operations
Levi is a self motivated, dedicated, honest individual that has been a constant top producer since he joined Caliber Associates, Inc. Levi’s knowledge and understanding of the Residential Real Estate market, his commitment to provide you with quality service, ability to listen to his clients concerns, request and his great negotiating skills have made him successful in his career at Caliber Associates, Inc. Levi is always ready to help and his constant persistence and enthusi... More...

T: (212) 796-6022
C: (347) 733-8652
Midtown West Office

Ben Lebowitz

Social media Strategist
For nearly 10 years,Ben has worked passionately with brands on projects ranging from Facebook strategy to hosting live Twitter chats to creating user-photo-powered sweepstakes. The digital landscape is anything from stagnant and brands have to keep up. The core strategy of any social media ecosystem always starts "conversation-first" and always begs the question of "why would anyone care." In his spare time, Ben enjoys discovering new music, honing his skills as a drone photo... More...

T: (212) 867-9601
Midtown East - Head Quarters

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Miriam Espinosa

Office Manager
Coming from years of experience in world renowned hotel brands such as Hilton and Intercontinental Hotels, Miriam understands the art of customer service and is passionate about exceeding her clients' expectation. Miriam earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management at the age of just 20, and she has worked in different cities within the United States and abroad. She began her career in real estate Immediately after moving to New York at a general contracting company... More...

T: (646) 795-3799
C: (347) 863-2714
Midtown East - Head Quarters

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Erika Medina

Listing Manager
Erika is a born and raised New Yorker. She has earned her Bachelors Degree from City University of New York, Lehman College with a major in Media Communications. With an administrative and customer service background, Erika knows the importance of understanding the needs of a client. Erika is new to the world of real estate and is excited to learn all she can about the industry. More...

T: (212) 867-9601
Midtown East - Head Quarters

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Judi Figueroa

Executive Assistant
Judi was born in Puerto Rico and has lived all over the world including Germany for 3 years. Judi relocated to New York from Florida 3 months ago. She has earned her Associate’s Degree with a major in Healthcare Administration and her Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Business Management both from University of Phoenix. With over 10 years of management and customer service experience Judi knows the importance of understanding the needs of a client. Judi is new to the world of... More...

T: (212) 796-6030
C: (386) 882-0792
Midtown West Office