About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

Caliber Associates, Inc. consists of an accomplished team of experienced Real Estate professionals. The mission of Caliber Associates, Inc. is to be the most successful real estate firm in New York City. The company incorporates established, professional procedures specializing in the renting, buying, selling and marketing of luxury apartments, townhouses, condominiums, co-ops, and homes. Caliber Associates, Inc upholds permanent staff of well - trained real estate professionals who persistently strive to provide quality service for their individual clients and customers. Caliber Associates, Inc. is creative, innovative and people-oriented association providing individual opportunity, personal satisfaction and rewarding challenges to all members of the firm.

Caliber Associates, Inc. is quickly becoming one of Manhattan's top residential licensed real estate brokerage firms. Our years of experience in this ever-changing and competitive market has allowed us to successfully integrate the tools required in order to ensure our clients receive the efficient, top notch service they deserve.

Our team, here at Caliber Associates,  practices and stands behind our motto - Ethics, Experience, Excellence and Extra Effort. In an effort to maintain this motto our agents receive extra care, attention and support throughout their entire training process. We equip them with the upmost professionalism as we believe that this is exaclty what our clients are entitled to be given. As we consistently monitor the changes and new developments in all aspects of our industry, Caliber Associates, Inc. uses the highest level of technology and systems which allows us to keep you right on target with all your Real Estate needs.

Listed below are the residential services Caliber Associates, Inc. is presently offering to our clients. We encourage you to contact us at anytime with your inquiries, comments and questions and we look forward to serving you. 

Residential Services

For Renters

Our years of experience have allowed us to establish strong relationships with both major landlords as well as thousands of private owners in Manhattan. This means we can offer you the best values available in today's market.

We are proud to offer our renters an extensive data base of NO FEE rentals. In addition we have exclusive listings of both furnished and unfurnished apartments, condos, co-ops and other properties.

Caliber Associates, Inc. will help you find the perfect rental - in the right neighborhood, at a price that works with your budget.

For Buyers

Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced one, we recognize that the purchase of an apartment is one of the most important decisions and investments you will make. We know that finding the RIGHT home is essential to you.

But finding the right home is only part of the process involved in buying an apartment. That's why we at Caliber Associates, Inc. are prepared to walk you through the process from start to finish, providing answers to all your questions along the way and making certain all your options are on the table.

Our extensive listings data base contains every apartment sales listing on the market, from condominiums to co-ops and townhouses to brownstones.

Because the legal and financial aspects of the sales process can be time consuming and frustrating, we have established a team of mortgage brokers as well as real estate attorneys who will make certain all your needs are met. Their assistance will enable you to spend less time processing your real estate transaction and more time celebrating the excitement of purchasing of your new home.

For Sellers

Selling your property in Manhattan is a major undertaking. It requires extensive knowledge of the sales market as well as effective marketing strategies designed to put you right on target in the most competitive real estate market in the world.

Caliber Associates, Inc. has formed a strong team of professional sales agents ready to serve you in all these areas. Our sales agents are prepared to take the stress of selling your property off your hands, providing you with a complimentary market analysis as well as marketing strategies that will ensure the highest level of exposure possible.You will receive the benefits of all our resources including: our extensive sales listing database, New York Times listings, Brokers NYC, RLS. and Online Residential Listings. Our sales agents are trained to accommodate your schedule and meet any needs you might have. They will pre-qualify buyers for you, allowing you to select the buyer that is right for your situation. Contact us today to take advantage of our complimentary services available to all of our selling clients.

For Landlords/Property Owners

Caliber Associates Inc. understands that the relationship between landlords and property owners and real estate brokers as one based on trust and professionalism.

We train our Agents to first follow up on the respective guidelines and procedures required by each individual landlord and property owner before referring our rental clients to their properties.Moreover, our agents pre-qualify potential tenants for you. Because we understand that time is money, we will not waste your time unless we have a solid tenant or deal to offer. And our job doesn't end with collecting a commission. We are ready to assist you after closing the deal. Contact us today and we'll start working for you.

Relocation Services

Whether you're relocating from abroad or within the states, we realize that moving is a very stressful time. And at Caliber Associates, we're here to make the transition as easy as possible for you. Our relocation department is prepared to provide you with all the assistance you need to successfully complete your move. We have established a team of vendors ready to assist you with moving, furniture rentals, housekeeping and much more.

You can count on us to provide you with all the information and services required to get through this exciting time in your life.


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