• "Afik was a pleasure to work with. He was honest and helpful throughout the whole process. 5 stars "

    Testimonial by Nolan . on 08/18/2017 Contact Agent Afik Azulay
  • "Just wanted to take a quick second to thank and recommend Afik Azulay! My wife and I were new to the NYC apartment hunting scene and ended up looking at close to 20 places. Unfortunately, we met Afik late in our search, otherwise could have saved a ton of time and hassle. He actually LISTENS to what you tell him, and doesn''t show you crap that is way over budget or a poor fit re location/size etc. He''s upfront and honest and knows the real estate game here. He hustles and works around the clock to make sure everything goes smoothly. Very glad we ran into him in our search. 5 stars!"

    Testimonial by David. on 08/15/2017 Contact Agent Afik Azulay
  • "After I had lost hope with dozens of brokers who never were able to help me find a place that fit my criteria, I heard about Afik. Contacting Afik during my journey of finding an apartment not only eased my mind because of his level of expertise, but he introduced my roommate and I to a whole new realm of apartments that would fit us better than the best we had fixated on thus far. My only regret is not getting in touch with Afik earlier! He knows the market inside and out"

    Testimonial by Akrita. on 08/11/2017 Contact Agent Afik Azulay
  • "Awesome guy. Went well out of his way to help us find a great pad for our needs. In fact, it was well within our budget and a damn good deal to boot. "

    Testimonial by Chris. on 08/11/2017 Contact Agent Afik Azulay
  • "Afik was very helpful in navigating the NY real estate landscape. I found it extremely helpful to get into the office and see the actual offerings available, rather than those listed on real estate websites / apps. Afik was very helpful in weighing out the pros and cons of different options and helped me to find my future apartment after just seeing 3-4 locations. Would highly recommend."

    Testimonial by Shaun. on 08/10/2017 Contact Agent Afik Azulay